Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Trambles is now on Twitter, just like Edinburgh Trams!

Thanks for all the kind messages from people supporting my application for the role of TRAM GENERAL MANAGER! I'll keep you updated with the progress of my application.

Rest assured, I've got plenty more AWESOME IDEAS for creating a WORLD CLASS Edinburgh Tram System.

Particular thanks for the following mentions: who deliver a clear message to Edinburgh Trams; "A candidate like Mr Broom [sic] appears as a refreshing change .... His brand of hard headed, pragmatic lunacy may be what we need at this time."

and who accurately describe me as "Highly qualified Aldo Broon, the city's self-proclaimed TRAM VISIONARY of the FUTURE"

For those who have little better to do, you can now get notifications of updates in my quest to get myself onto Edinburgh's £1 BILLION gravy-tram via Twitter:

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